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Running Firmware on Qemu

August 4, 2017 | Article | 1 Comment

As a reverse engineer, especially if we deal with embedded system, facing various architecture and its typical system is expected. Sometimes we have no access to the device and got only the firmware. In this condition, our only option is static analysis of the firmware, or it is not? Our goal is to observe and […]

I Passed eMAPT Certification

June 20, 2017 | Publication | No Comments

Two days ago, I had completed my journey in eMAPT (eLearnSecurity Mobile Application Penetration Tester) certification. The certificate ID is eMAPT-117 which can be verified here. This is my second certification process and I am glad that I pass this. So what’s the fun in eMAPT? As eLS said, eMAPT certification is really practical. It […]

Hai, Aku Satria Ady Pradana. Seorang reverse engineer dan konsultan yang biasa disebut sebagai xathrya. Beberapa bulan yang lalu, tepatnya bulan Februari, kami mendirikan sebuah komunitas kecil bernama Reversing.ID. Reversing.ID adalah sebuah komunitas berbasis kesamaan minat yang berfokus pada pembahasan segala hal berkaitan dengan Reverse Engineering. Dengan kata lain, ini adalah wadah bagi peminat RE […]

So there was a seminar and workshop, a week ago. Not a big one, limited to at least 30 people. DracOs is invited to give a workshop, and I was one of the speaker. The presentation I brought is about memory forensics. This is an introduction and we were discussing certain basic of memory forensic […]

Some days ago I was invited to give a talk about security. The presentation I brought is just an insight about security. How do we start learn and what to learn. What I want to give is a fundamental concept of hacking / penetration testing, not an instant hacking. As always, you are free to […]

It was quite old. On March I deliver a workshop about web security in Depok, Indonesia. The main theme is of course about web security. The presentation slides is avalable on my slideshare. Mostly we were talking about web security with OWASP as our references. The slides is always free and you may spread it […]

There is a misconception in some community that Windows doesn’t support hard link and symbolic link as in Unix world. Most of us think that Windows OS only support link (with .lnk extension) and I’ve seen that there are also several articles point out that symbolic linking in Unix world is closely resemble to Windows […]

List of Alternative Android Emulator

March 25, 2017 | Article | No Comments

Android is a popular operating system for handheld and now dominating the market share. Though the there are already exists various cheap devices running android, many of us want want to run android on our PC. I myself has two reasons for this: first to play some games without open my device, and second is […]

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