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New World, New NEST!

October 13, 2015 | News | No Comments

Hello, Internet!

I’m Xathrya and this is my new NEST.

If you ever know my old NEST ( and got here because of that, thank you! This new NEST will serve as continuation of old NEST. I will fix some things and make the content back here. Recreating is not easy but I will do my best.

I would be pleased if you can help me by suggesting contents or help me spread the fame.

Outside of writing articles, I also studying reverse engineering and playing some CTFs. If you ever know Dago Cybernesha or Sabertooth Ganesha, please say hi. You can also recruit me for CTF if you want 😀


Last, thanks for all of my friends who keep me doing my best (and push me to back in action).

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A man who is obsessed to low level technology.

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