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Fluxbox is an extremely lightweight Window Manager for Based on BlackBox but has several extra features built in.

In this article we will discuss the basics of FluxBox installation and configure it, including setting a style, configuring menu, and save & backup settings.

For this article I use:

  1. FreeBSD 8.3 amd64

Before you proceed, make sure you have install

Installing Fluxbox

Fluxbox installation is quite straightforward and can be done like other ports installation. Use these commands to do so:.

cd /usr/ports/x11-wm/fluxbox
make install clean

Once the installation is complete, add the following to the end of your .xinitrc (~/.xinitrc) file.

exec fluxbox

Remember that it must be the last command run on your .xinitrc

Starting the Fluxbox

Fluxbox is a stacking window manager. It has only a taskbar, a pop-up menu accessible by right clicking the desktop, and minimal support for graphical icons. There is no familiar “start-button”. All menu is accessible at right click, including application, utility, and also settings.

Creating Menu

Menus on FluxBox follows this format:

[submenu] (MENU NAME)

An example of a menu for terminals with eterm and wterm would have these in the fluxbox menu (~/.fluxbox/menu)

[exec] (Wterm Blue) {wterm -bg blue -fg white -tr -sh}
[exec] (Wterm Green) {wterm -bg green -fg white -tr -sh}
[exec] (Wterm Red) {wterm -bg red -fg white -tr -sh}
[exec] (Wterm Orange) {wterm -bg orange -fg white -tr -sh}
[exec] (Wterm Clear) {wterm -fg white -tr}

[exec] (Eterm 20 Purple) {Eterm --buttonbar=0 --trans
--shade=20 --tint=purple -v -f white}
[exec] (Eterm 20 Gray) {Eterm --buttonbar=0 --trans
--shade=20 -v -f white}
[exec] (Eterm 60 Gray) {Eterm --buttonbar=0 --trans
--shade=60 -v -f white}
[exec] (Eterm 60 Blue) {Eterm --buttonbar=0 --trans
--shade=60 --tint=blue -v -f white}
[exec] (Eterm Clear) {Eterm --buttonbar=0 --trans
-v -f white}


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