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Mounting and Unmounting ISO file

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ISO files, is a CD/DVD image file. This means, on that single CD/DVD stored files and use structure like real CD/DVD does. Well, it sounds complicated but you could say that you have copy all CD/DVD contents and pack it into a single file.

In Linux, mounting and unmounting an ISO file is so easy and doesn’t need any 3rd party tools.

In this article we will discuss about how to mounting ISO file and unmounting it. For this article I use Slackware64 14.0, but we can do the trick here for any linux distribution.


To do mounting and unmounting, you should have superuser or root privileges. You can either login to root account, or either use sudo tool. I assume you have root privileges.

Now create a directory. This directory will be a directory where we will mount our ISO file. Simply we say, we can access the content of ISO file by accessing this directory.

mkdir /mnt/cd-dvd

On this article I assume we want to mount simple.iso. The simple.iso is located on /home/xathrya/


To mount / attach an ISO file to /mnt/cd-dvd we use mount tool and specifying some arguments:

mount -o loop -t iso9660 /home/xathrya/simple.iso /mnt/cd-dvd


To unmount / deattach ISO file from /mnt/cd-dvd we use umount tool.

umount /mnt/cd-dvd

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