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December 5, 2015 | News | No Comments

After such long day I haven’t update this site (actually just a few days) and now I have written three articles. Thanks for reading my site.

Another news I want to tell you is that category named “Publication” is officially released now. In this category I post some papers, notes of research, photos, videos, everyhitng which is not fall to article or news.

Some papers are waiting to be posted. Mostly these papers are the paper I made for several lecture. Of course it is not a paper as advanced as paper on international journal (such as IEEE, ACM, etc) or event national journal. But, yeah… I am proud I have written it and now I am glad to share them to you.

Satria Ady Pradana a.k.a Xathrya

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A man who is obsessed to low level technology.

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