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Surf the Web using Terminal

December 5, 2015 | Article | No Comments

Can you mention all web browser in the world? At least the popular ones. Sure you got name like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. But all of them are GUI based. Sometimes we are in a situation when our machine’s resource is so limited and we need to browse the web using minimal resource. Or maybe we have a server box, troubleshooting them need access to internet but we don’t have a beautiful GUI server like gnome / kde does (or even not having any). So?

In this article we will discuss about how to browse internet using only terminal. Yes, without fancy graphical interface. Of course don’t expect too much from this terminal. This proof of concept just show you that there is other way to do.

Grab the Materials

The application we use is elinks or links. Install it using your distro-flavor method.


Links use your keyboard and mouse (if any) as input. You can insert some command by pressing key (or combination of it). here, in this section we will discuss the usage.

When invoke it, you will be prompted by blank screen of your terminal. Don’t worry, your machine is not hang. It just link ready to receive any command you send to it. In this examples we will use and

Simple Navigation

To navigate from page to page, you can use “left” and “right” arrow key on your keyboard. The left arrow key will make the screen back to previous page while the right arrow make it forward. The up arrow key and down arrow key can be used to navigate on links on that page.

Showing the Menubar

Command: ESC


Go to URL

invoking by terminal: links

command: g



Command: q



Command: s


Save Page

Command: d


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