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Split and Join Files in Linux

December 7, 2015 | Article | No Comments

Sometimes, we are in situation where a large file is too large to be stored on a single Flash Drive. Or maybe our file is too big to be and exceed file size limit. In these cases we need to split file into smaller files.

Fortunately, Linux has a built in utility to do split and join. And yes, it should be shipped default on your Linux distribution. Split and join is packed together in GNU Coreutils.

In this article, we will discuss about how to use Linux utilities to do split and join files, also discussing about backup process on Linux.

Split and Join

In this scenario, we have an iso file: slackware64-14.0-install-dvd.iso. The size is estimated as large as 2.2GB. We will split the file into some files with each chunk have maximum 450MB in size.

To do splitting, invoke this command:

split -d -b 450m slackware64-14.0-install-dvd.iso slackware64-14.0-install-dvd.iso.part

At this point, we have six files. The generated file have extensions .partXX where XX is the part number. Five of them (from slackware64-14.0-install-dvd.iso.part00 to slackware64-14.0-install-dvd.iso.part04) has size 450MiB and the rest (slackware64-14.0-install-dvd.iso.part05) has size 48.9MiB

Now, how to recover the splitted files? Of course we need to join them altogether and form the original file. At this point I want to join the part and the join file will have filename slackware64-14.0-install-dvd-join.iso. To do so, we can invoke following command:

cat slackware64-14.0-install-dvd.iso.part00 \
slackware64-14.0-install-dvd.iso.part01 slackware64-14.0-install-dvd.iso.part02 \
slackware64-14.0-install-dvd.iso.part03 slackware64-14.0-install-dvd.iso.part04 \
slackware64-14.0-install-dvd.iso.part05 > slackware64-14.0-install-dvd-join.iso

Another way to do so is using following command:

cat slackware64-14.0-install-dvd.iso.part{00..05} > slackware64-14.0-install-dvd-join.iso

Where {00..05} is parts we want to join.


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