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Cheat Engine Tutorial: Tutorial v3 – Stage 1

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We have seen Cheat Engine on previous introduction. As said on that article, Cheat Engine has provide a “cheat me” program to let us practice using Cheat Engine. Officially it is called Cheat Engine Tutorial. In this article we will use Cheat Engine and practice in “cheating” the program. Specifically, we will do the “first stage”.

In this article I use:

  1. Windows 8 64-bit
  2. Cheat Engine 6.3
  3. Cheat Engine Tutorial v3


At least you understand the basic layout of Cheat Engine. You should know how to load a running process to Cheat Engine. If you don’t, please refer back to the introduction.

Open the Cheat Engine Tutorial v3



Every stage can be accessed individually. To access this stage from Cheat Engine Tutorial’s main window, enter 090453 to password line edit.


Dark Byte (Cheat Engine creator) wrote this as hint:

Now that you have opened the tutorial with Cheat Engine lets get on with the next step.

You see at the bottom of this window the text Health: xxx
Each time you click 'Hit me'  your health gets decreased.

To get to the next step you have to find this value and change it to 1000

To find the value there are different ways, but I'll tell you about the easiest, 'Exact Value':
First make sure value type is set to at least 2 bytes or 4 bytes, 1 byte will also work, but you'll run
into an easy to fix problem when you've found the address and want to change it. The 8-byte may perhaps
works if the bytes after the address are 0, but I wouldn't take the bet.
Single, double, and the other scans just don't work, because they store the value in a different way.

When the value type is set correctly, make sure the scantype is set to 'Exact Value'
Then fill in the number your health is in the value box. And click 'First Scan'
After a while (if you have a extremely slow pc) the scan is done and the results are shown in the list on
the left

If you find more than 1 address and you don't know for sure which address it is, click 'Hit me', fill in
the new health value into the value box, and click 'Next Scan'
repeat this until you're sure you've found it. (that includes that there's only 1 address in the

Now double click the address in the list on the left. This makes the address pop-up in the list at the
bottom, showing you the current value.
Double click the value, (or select it and press enter), and change the value to 1000.

If everything went ok the next button should become enabled, and you're ready for the next step.

If you did anything wrong while scanning, click "New Scan" and repeat the scanning again.
Also, try playing around with the value and click 'hit me'


Information we got from the hint:

  1. The target is integer, initialized with 100
  2. ‘Hit me’ will decrease the Health
  3. objective is to change the value to 1000

It is also stated that the value can 2-bytes or 4-bytes (Dark Byte said we should set the scan type to at least 2-bytes. Let’s assume the value is stored on 4-byte data value. Cheat Engine uses this by default. Type in 100 in the Value box, make sure Hex is unchecked. Click first scan.


Look at the result (left). Find the table that shows “Address” and “Value”. An address is where the data is stored and the value is what the data is. The actual value.


Now go to the tutorial and click “Hit me”. Now the health should go down. In my case, I got it to 96. Let’s refer this value as myHP. Go back to Cheat Engine. Type the value of myHP you got then press next scan. Alternatively, if the number of entries is not much, search the entries which the Value is the value of myHP and the Previous say 100 (our previous value before we click “Hit me”)


For this tutorial, there should be only one value. Now, my address is 011E0920, which might be different with your result. It will not be same every time, so if you don’t see the same value I got, don’t panic!. Now, double click the address so the entry got copied to our working area.

See the “Next” button on Cheat Engine Tutorial? It is greyed and blocked so we can’t go to the next tutorial. Don’t worry, we will make it clickable now. Remember our objective? Set the value of myHP to 1000. To do so, double click on myHP entry on working area, right to the value.


A new window will appear, like this.


Change 96 or whatever value you got to 1000, like this:


Go back to Cheat Engine Tutorial and see that the next button is enabled now. Click the Next button and you finished the First stage.

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