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Cheat Engine Tutorial: Tutorial v3 – Stage 2

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We have seen Cheat Engine on previous introduction. As said on that article, Cheat Engine has provide a “cheat me” program to let us practice using Cheat Engine. Officially it is called Cheat Engine Tutorial. In this article we will use Cheat Engine and practice in “cheating” the program. Specifically, we will do the “second stage”.

In this article I use:

  1. Windows 8 64-bit
  2. Cheat Engine 6.3
  3. Cheat Engine Tutorial v3


At least you understand the basic layout of Cheat Engine. You should know how to load a running process to Cheat Engine. If you don’t, please refer back to the introduction.

Open the Cheat Engine Tutorial v3


If you get to this article after beat the first stage, make sure you clear the previous result by click on ‘New scan‘.


Every stage can be accessed individually. To access this stage from Cheat Engine Tutorial’s main window, enter 419482 to password line edit.


Dark Byte (Cheat Engine creator) wrote this as hint:

Ok, seeing that you've figured out how to find a value using exact value let's move on to the next step.

In the previous test we knew the initial value so we could do a exact value, but now we have a status bar
where we don't know the starting value.
We only know that the value is between 0 and 500. And each time you click 'hit me' you lose some health.
The amount you lose each time is shown above the status bar.

Again there are several different ways to find the value. (like doing a decreased value by... scan), but
I'll only explain the easiest. "Unknown initial value", and decreased value.
Because you don't know the value it is right now, a exact value wont do any good, so choose as scantype
'Unknown initial value', again, the value type is 4-bytes. (most windows apps use 4-bytes)
click first scan and wait till it's done.

When it is done click 'hit me'. You'll lose some of your health. (the amount you lost shows for a few
seconds and then disappears, but you don't need that)
Now go to Cheat Engine, and choose 'Decreased Value' and click 'Next Scan'
When that scan is done, click hit me again, and repeat the above till you only find a few.

We know the value is between 0 and 500, so pick the one that is most likely the address we need, and add
it to the list.
Now change the health to 5000, to proceed to the next step.


Information we got from the hint:

  1. The target is integer, initialized by unknown value
  2. Value is between 0 and 500
  3. ‘Hit me’ will decrease the Health by certain value, which will be shown
  4. objective is to change the value to 5000

The value is represented by progress bar, we don’t know the exact value. We have no choice here, set the type to ‘Unknown initial value’. Make the value type as 4 byte.


Click ‘First Scan’ and wait until the interface goes back to normal like nothing happened. It should go back to 4 byte.


Now got back to the tutorial application and click ‘Hit me’. You should see a thing says “-(Random number”. In my case, it is -8.


As you can see, I got my HP lost by 8. Go to Cheat Engine, change the value type to “Decreased value by…”. Then put the number of HP you lost. Press Next scan.


Now I see the result and found 11 entries on my list. Let’s see, I get many 0, a frequently changing value (see the red one), a memory with value 1, one with value 440, and the rest with value 400.000+. The 0 and 1 is not likely be the answer. The changing address is also, we don’t even change the value again. The huge value is also not the possible answer, the value should be on range 0 to 500. Then we are left with only one option, 440.


Copy it to our working area. Let’s change the value to at least 5000. Go back to Cheat Engine Tutorial and you would see that the Next button is enabled now. The progress bar should also get full. If it didn’t, you did it wrong. Once you click the Next button, you finish this stage đŸ™‚

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