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Cheat Engine Tutorial: Tutorial v3 – Stage 3

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We have seen Cheat Engine on previous introduction. As said on that article, Cheat Engine has provide a “cheat me” program to let us practice using Cheat Engine. Officially it is called Cheat Engine Tutorial. In this article we will use Cheat Engine and practice in “cheating” the program. Specifically, we will do the “third stage”.

In this article I use:

  1. Windows 8 64-bit
  2. Cheat Engine 6.3
  3. Cheat Engine Tutorial v3


At least you understand the basic layout of Cheat Engine. You should know how to load a running process to Cheat Engine. If you don’t, please refer back to the introduction.

Open the Cheat Engine Tutorial v3


If you get to this article after beat the second stage, make sure you clear the previous result by click on ‘New scan‘ and clear work area.


Every stage can be accessed individually. To access this stage from Cheat Engine Tutorial’s main window, enter 890124 to password line edit.


Dark Byte (Cheat Engine creator) wrote this as hint:

In the previous tutorial we used bytes to scan, but some games store information in so called 'floating
point' notations. (probably to prevent simple memory scanners from finding it the easy way)
a floating point is a value with some digits behind the point. (like 5.12 or 11321.1)

Below you see your health and ammo. Both are stored as Floating point notations, but health is stored as
a float and ammo is stored as a double.
Click on hit me to lose some health, and on shoot to decrease your ammo with 0.5

You have to set BOTH values to 5000 or higher to proceed.

Exact value scan will work fine here, but you may want to experiment with other types too.


Information we got from the hint:

  1. No integer, only float and double number
  2. objective: get both values to at least 5000
  3. Ammo can be decreased by 0.5
  4. Health can be decreased by random value

This stage is similar to our first stage, except the number is stored as not integer. And also, we got two instead of one. One is float, another is double. But the scanning procedure is similar. We know the value.

Now set the value type to ‘Float’ and the value to 100. Click the first scan.


Well, I got 2 address. This is good enough, the narrower the result is better. On the result entries (on my case), you might see that there are value represented by 100.0 and 100. You might think that the right one is the memory which has value 100.0, aren’t you? But hold it, we can’t say it right now.

Go to Cheat Engine Tutorial and click ‘Hit me’. The health point will be decreased by random number. I got myself shot and found my HP now 98.66. Go back to Cheat Engine and see which one is changed. Now it seems our prediction is incorrect. See the changed one? That’s the one we want. Double click it to copy it to our work area.


Good! Now change the value to 5000.

Next, we need to change the ammo. Do a new scan and set the value type to ‘Double’. Set the value to 100 and click ‘First Scan’. Don’t erase the entry we made on work area, we still need it (maybe). Luckily, I got one address only.


Now go to Cheat Engine Tutorial and click ‘Fire’ to decrease the ammo value. Now let’s see if the result is the right one. My ammo is 99.5 now. Let’s go back to Cheat Engine. Bingo! The value is right, it’s also 99.5! Copy to work area.


Now, edit the ammo and set the value to 5000. Now go back to Cheat Engine Tutorial and see whether Next button is now enabled. If so, congratulation! You have beat the third stage. If not, something’s wrong. You should recheck your work. Good luck!

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