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Convert VCD to AVI (Xvid) on Ubuntu

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Have old VCDs? Want to convert VCDs to AVI (Xvid) and not lose too much video quality? Here we have MEncoder.

MEncoder is a free command line video decoding, encoding, and filtering tool and also sibling of MPlayer. MEncoder can convert all the formats that MPlayer understands into a variety of compressed and uncompressed formats using different codecs.

In this article we will discuss about how to use mencoder to convert vcd to avi on Ubuntu. Any Ubuntu version and any architecture is fine. However in this article I will use Ubuntu 12.10 desktop edition.



MEncoder is included in the MPlayer distribution. Check whether we have MEncoder or not.

mencoder --version

Which should give you similar to this:

MEncoder 1.1-4.7.1 (C) 2000-2012 MPlayer Team
--help is not an MEncoder option

Exiting... (error parsing command line)

However if it’s not recognized, then you haven’t install MPlayer and MEncoder. You can install it

apt-get install mplayer mencoder

Usage & Process

VCD or Video CD, is the first format for distributing films on standard 120mm (4.7 in) optical discs. VCD discs are playable in dedicated VCD players, most DVD and Blue-ray Disc players, PC, and some video game consoles.

VCD has structure, made of some tracks in CD-ROM XA mode. The first track of a VCD is in CD-ROM XA Mode 2 Form 1 and stores metadata and menu information. This track may also contain other non-essential files, and is shown by OS when loading the disc. The rest of the tracks are usually in CD-ROM XA Mode 2 Form 2 and contain video and audio multiplexed in an MPEG program stream (MPEG-PS) container, but CD audio tracks are also allowed.

As said before, VCD consists of some tracks. To check the track that needs to be converted, use following:

mplayer vcd://2

Let say we want track 2. To convert, use following:

mencoder vcd:/2 -o file.avi -oac copy -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=2000

That command will convert to AVI with bit rate 2000.

Wait till done.

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