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Installing Boost Libraries on Windows

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Boost library is a set of high-quality libraries that speed up C++ development.

Obtain the Materials

The boost library source code can be downloaded from

Download and unzip the source code to any path you like.

In the final, we will install Boost library to c:\boostlib so don’t make it as your extracted source code path.


For Windows, Boost can be used to various toolset. Supported toolset by boost are:

  • borland
  • como
  • gcc
  • gcc-nocygwin
  • intel-win32
  • metrowerks
  • mingw
  • msvc
  • vc7
  • vc8
  • vc9
  • vc10
  • vc11

To build boost libraries, run bootstrap.bat and specify the toolset. For example:

bootstrap.bat mingw

All required files for compilation should be ready. Now you have to define an installation directory and specify a toolset. This toolset is rather different with previous toolset. Here is the list:

  • acc: Hewlett Packard. Only very recent version are known to work well with Boost.
  • borland: borland
  • como: Comeau Computing, Using this toolset may require configuring another toolset to act as its backend
  • darwin: Apple, Apple’s version of the GCC toolchain with support for Darwin and MacOS X features such as frameworks.
  • gcc: The Gnu Project, including Cygwin and MinGW
  • hp_cxx: Hewlett Packard, Targeted at the Tru64 operating system.
  • intel: Intel Compiler
  • msvc: Microsoft Visual Compiler
  • sun: Sun, Only very recent versions are known to work well with Boost.
  • vacpp: IBM, The VisualAge C++ compiler.

Here how you do it:

b2 install --prefix=C:/boostlib toolset=gcc


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