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Nmap or Network Mapper is the tools to conduct a networking mapping. Using Nmap, one can know whether computer or host active and obtain further information about the target. Nmap is available in a variety of operating system such as Linux and Windows.

The video tutorials on this page is made by Professor Messer. If you value this product, you can consider purchase this from www.professormesser.com/professor-messers-nmap-secrets-training-course/.

These video is password protected and archived with 7zip. Once you download it, rename the extension from .xar to .7z and extract it. As the archive is password protected, to be able to extract the file you should enter the correct password. The password is: “xathrya.id” without quotes.

If you want to share this, please only share this page URL or link listed here.

The tutorials consists of eleven modules.

These modules require a web browser with working adobe flash installed. Please make sure your browser support it.

Module 1 – Getting Started with Nmap

Overview of the entire course, along with a sneak peek of the secrets that will be uncovered along the way.

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Module 2 – Nmap Basics

Overview of network protocols, the Nmap scan process, and secrets for increasing the speed of this process.

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Module 3 – Scans for Every Occasion

Introduces four of the most popular, most useful, and most versatile Nmap scanning methods: TCP SYN scan, TCP connect() scan, Ping scan, and UDP scan.

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Module 4 – “Back Pocket” Scans

Sometimes, you’ll run into a situation where a normal Nmap scan isn’t providing you with all of the information you need. This may be a situation where remote devices aren’t responding, or perhaps you aren’t able to identify any available ports on a remote device – even though you can easily connect to its web server! In these situations, it’s useful to have a few tricks in your back pocket.

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Module 5 – Useful Scanning Options

Concentrate on some useful scanning options that will assist in building Nmap scan sessions that are effective and efficient.

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Module 6 – Nmap “Pings” : The Search for Hosts

There’s a lot to Nmap’s ping process, and we’ll start with defining a ping. From there, we’ll move to Nmap’s default pings – the ARP ping and the ICMP and TCP ACK ping combo. To really make the most of Nmap’s pings, we’ll also investigate the details of the TCP SYN ping and the UDP ping.

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Module 7 – Recon Scanning

Investigae the secrets of network reconnaissance and take the details of two major Nmap features – operating system fingerprinting and version detection.

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Module 8 – Ninja Scanning

Introduce to Nmap’s art of invisibility. Learn the secrets of using Nmap on network in stealth mode, where you can go come and go like the wind.

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Module 9 – Output Options

Nmap includes a number of output options, and this module takes us through them all. We’ll show you the differences in the output options, including how to convert Nmap’s XML output into some great HTML-based reports.

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Module 10 – Windows Nmap

Learn about the history of Nmap and Windows – both the good, and the bad. Although there have been some significant operational issues with Windows-related issues that exist today are easy to work around.

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Module 11 – Real-World Nmap Scanning

Discuss six Nmap scanning techniques that can get you through some pretty nasty security problems.

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