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NodeJS API Quick Tour

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Most programming language has shipped what it call as standard library. In NodeJS, there is a predefined library which we call API. All APIs are exactly a module, which can be included on source code.

Node provides a platform API that covers some aspects:

  1. process
  2. filesystem
  3. networking
  4. utilities

Note that we won’t cover all the object available, nor cover a material in details. For that purpose, you should go to instead.

Our list is also built only for stable modules. There are some unstable modules which may change later, for example crypto. We won’t cover that here.

[ Process ]

Node allows programmer to analyze process (environment variables, etc) and manage external processes. The involved modules are:


Inquire the current process to know the PID, environment variables, platform, memory usage, etc.


Spawn and kill new processes, execute commands and pipe their outputs

[ File System ]

Low-level API is also provided to manipulate files and directory. All the API is influenced by POSIX style.


This is used for file manipulation, including: create, remove, load, write, and read files. This modules also used for create read and write streams.


Normalize and join file paths. It can also be used for checking whether a file exists or is a directory.

[ Networking ]

Used for networking purpose such as connecting, sending and receiving information over network.


This module is used for creating a TCP server or client.


This module is used for manipulating UDP packets, including receiving and send UDP packets.


Create an HTTP server or client. It is also a more specific version of net module.


Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a successor of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. Node uses OpenSSL to provide TLS and/or SSL encrypted stream communication.


Implementing http over TLS/SSL.


This module implement asynchronous DNS resolution.

[ Utilities ]

Various utilities for NodeJS.


A module which bundles various utility functions.

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