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Ripping MP3 from CUE / FLAC

December 9, 2015 | Article | No Comments

In this article we will discuss about how to rip MP3 from FLAC files. For this purpose I use Sound Converter and run it on Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop version.


As mentioned, we need Sound Converter. We can download it from here.

Next we need to install some additional packages:

apt-get install flac mp3splt vbrfix

Usage & Process

Convert the FLAC file to MP3 using Sound Converter. This process is quite simple. Start the sound converter and specify the flac file you want to convert. Just press the “Convert” button. This converts the flac file to one single mp3 file but we aware of multiple songs in this mp3 file.

Next we need to split the single mp3 files into multiple mp3 tracks. This can be done by mp3splt.

mp3splt -f -c Album.cue Album.mp3

We assume Album.mp3 is the product of Sound Converter.

The “cue” files are generally provided with flag files for this purpose. If we don’t possess this cue file, we have to use some mp3 splitter to achieve the same.

The new mp3 files might have issues with reading mp3 duration of these files. If that happens then vbrfix will fix the problem.

vbrfix myfile.mp3 myfile_fix.mp3

That way should fix the duration problem.


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