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Arch Linux ARM is a Linux operating system distribution for ARM architecture. This distribution is one of recommended OS for Raspberry Pi board.

By default, Arch Linux ARM has a global repositories. On some point, the repository can redirect your pacman to appropriate (other) repository based on your location. But sometimes, it’s not enough.

In this article, we will discuss about how to change ArchLinux ARM repository manually.


Make sure your Pi has Arch Linux ARM inside. You should also make sure your Pi can connect to internet.

You need to acquire root privileges. We need root privileges to edit pacman configuration file.


First see the /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist and search location closest to you. If you see a preferrable repository, you can start edit this file.

Comment out line under “Geo-IP based mirror selection and load balancing”:

# Server =$repo

and uncomment the mirror server you choose, for example I choose Finland:

Server =$repo

If you have another mirror which are not listed there (you have to really sure about it), you can comment out every line and add new line at the bottom. For example, the mirror server is, then you write following line:

Server =$repo

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