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Turn Android Smartphone to IP Web Camera

December 9, 2015 | Article | No Comments

Android Operating System is one of popular operating system for mobile device (smartphone, tablets, etc) beside Windows Phone, Apple iOS, etc.

This article will discuss about how to use our android smartphone as a IP Webcam (web camera). There are many reasons to do so, for example: you don’t have much budget to install complex CCTV system but need to have a simple one at home. You just need an android smartphone with camera (well, it would be rare if we see smartphone without camera) and connect it to the internet.

For a summary, this is what I use in this article:

  1. Sony XPeria U
  2. Windows 8 64-bit
  3. IP Webcam app (download from Google Play on your smartphone)

Remember that the list above is the one I have used.

Base Theory

In this method, we turn our smartphone into an IP Camera. Our phone will act as a camera and connect to internet. As any device connected to internet, it has some IP assigned. Using that IP, we can open and see the display given by phone remotely.

Summary, your phone will do a video streaming through net. WATCH OUT THE DATA TRAFFIC !!


You phone and your PC should be at the same network, otherwise it won’t work. You can connect both device using same wifi router.

Make sure your network has IP address between to as the application will likely bound to that range IP address.

On Phone Side

Download IP Webcam on Google Play.

Make sure your phone ins connected to internet

There are lot of configuration available on IP Webcam. You can configure the video resolution, orientation, connection settings, etc. For simplicity, we use default configuration.

Start the Server once you have done configuring.

You will got your phone camera and a IP address at the bottom. Write down this IP address.

On PC Side

Make sure your computer is connected to internet.

Using IP address you got from your phone, open a web browser and enter following address:


Where IP is the IP you got and 8080 is port opened at your phone.

Useful Note

Better resolution means better quality. However this also means bigger data transferred from your phone. If data traffic is expensive for you, you can always decrease the quality in configuration.


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