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If you want to start tinkering Arduino, you may look at following list. This list is the parts you might need to follow my tutorials. You are not obligate to gather all because I always specify what materials you need in every article. However, you can see following as a reference.

Arduino board

Normally I would use my Arduino Uno R3, unless told otherwise. You can use any Arduino board you think suitable for both your budget or your specidication.


Buy one item of component isn’t too useful. A better idea is to buy a pack of that component, if possible.

  • Resistors:
    1. 100 ohm x 3
    2. 220 ohm x3
    3. 330 ohm x 3
    4. 10k ohm x 3
    5. 1k ohm x 3
  • Light Emitting Diode (LED): Choose 5mm LED any color. We use three LEDs at minimum.
  • Trimpot
  • Photocell
  • Pushbuttons x 2
  • Some wires, preferably breadboard jumper wires.
  • infrared LED
  • pin 0.1″ standard header x 6
  • Piezo speaker or buzzer

Some sensors we need:

  • Parallax PING))) sensor
  • TMP36 temperature sensor (or LM35 for alternative)
  • ADXL335 accelerometer breakout board
  • PNA4602 infrared sensor
  • Tilt sensor

and actuator:

  • Servo 5V, for example: Hitec HS-322HD or Vigor Hextronic


  • Standard A-B USB cable. This cable is used for connecting Arduino to computer
  • Breadboard. You can use either 400 pin or 170 pin breadboard.

Additional Gadgets

Of course this is optional.

  • Nintendo Nunchuk controller


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