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VHDL: Hello World in GHDL

December 11, 2015 | Article | No Comments

This is basic code for VHDL. In this article, we use GHDL (http://ghdl.free.fr), as DHL simulator which run on Windows 8.1 platform.


  1. Know the process to simulate VHDL using GHDL.
  2. Print some output.


We will create an empty entity, named “hello_world”. We then create an architecture based on that entity.

entity hello_world is         -- test bench (top level like "main")
end entity hello_world;

library STD; 
library IEEE;
use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all;  -- basic logic types
use STD.textio.all;           -- basic I/O

architecture test of hello_world is
   signal counter : integer := 1;
   m_print : process is       -- a process is parallel
      variable m_line : line; -- type 'line' comes from textio
      write(m_line, string'("Xath say: Hello World"));  -- formatting
      writeline(output, m_line);                        -- write to "output"
      write(m_line, string'("    counter = "));
      write(m_line, counter);
      writeline(output, m_line);
   end process m_print;
end architecture test;

To simulate the code in GHDL, you should use following steps:

First, we have to analyze the file. In this step, ghdl will creates or update a .cf file which describe the library.

ghdl -a hello_world.vhdl

Second, we run the code.

ghdl -r hello_world


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