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Before Wt: Installing Prerequisite for Wt

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In this article we will discuss about installation of various packages and software as requirement for Wt. The goal of this article is for everyone to successfully install prerequisites for building Wt.

For this purpose, I use Slackware64 14.0 as development machine. However, you can also use other machine.

This article can be broken down to two sections:

  • System requirements
  • Optional packages

System Requirements

Applications on this sections is the primary requirements for building Wt. At least there are two packages:

  • CMake: cross platform make configure utility.
  • Boost C++ Library: A general purpose library for C++. Latest version is recommended.

Another requirements are the connector support which depend on what would you like.

For FastCGI (Unix only)

  • Apache2 or other web server which supports the FastCGI protocol. You can go to this page for more information about Web Server (Apache, Lighttpd, Nginx, etc). When using Apache use mod_fastcgi-2.4.x or mod_fcgid-2.3.5 alternatively.
  • FastCGI development kit

For built in http daemon

For ISAPI (Windows only)

  • ISAPI, which only works for deploying Wt applications within Microsoft IIS server.

Optional Packages

The following packages are optional, but highly recommended for Wt. They enables additional features in Wt. The packages are:

  • OpenSSL: Enabling HTTPS protocol support for Client (Http::Client) and Server (Http::Server)
  • libharu: Enabling rendering support for PDF documents.
  • GraphicsMagick: Enabling rendering support for raster images like PNG or GIF
  • pango: Text rendering for TrueType font selection
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, and Firebird: Enabling connectors database for ORM library (alongside the Sqlite3 connector). You can choose any (all whole).


Cross platform, open-source build system consists of tools designed to build, test, and packaging software. It used to control the software compilation process using simple platform and compiler independent configuration files.

For information on how to install CMake, follow this article.

Boost C++ Library

Portable C++ source libraries and work well with the C++ Standard Library. It is intended to be widely useful and usable across a broad spectrum of applications.

For information on how to install Boost Library, follow this article.



Free, cross platform, open source library for generating PDF files.

For information on how to install libHaru, follow this article.


The swiss army knife of image processing. It provides a robust and efficient collection of tools and libraries which support reading, writing, and manipulating an image in over 88 major formats including DPX, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, PDF, PNM, and TIFF.

For information on how to install GraphicsMagick, follow this article.






A relational database offering many ANSI SQL standard features that runs on various operating system. It offers excellent concurrency, high performance, and powerful language support for stored procedures and triggers.

For information on how to install FirebirdSQL, follow this article.

FastCGI Development Kit


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