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Being Member of DracOS Developer Team

July 24, 2016 | News | No Comments

Hi everyone.

Have you ever heard DracOS Linux. Let me tell you, it is a cool stuff. You better check this out. It is a Linux distribution focusing on penetration testing. The coolest part of it is, it is built from scratch (see Linux From Scratch (LFS) for reference), unlike other similar theme distribution. The hardest and the most challenging part is of course master the beast.

Yeah, apparently the Devs are crazy and brilliant enough to run this project.

And not so long ago  I join the bandwagon project. My team is focusing on Operating System development. Yeah, we have some team, such as Tools Creation team, Maintainer team, etc. So as part of insider, I will also post some stuffs about our project here. Maybe some sneak peek of upcoming version? No, just wait 😉

The next DracOS is DracOS codename Leak (pronounce Le-yak).

Just you know, Leak is a demon. We use demon as weapon. Dare to ride? Release the Leak!


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