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DracOS Workshop – Path of Cyber Security

December 24, 2016 | Publication | No Comments

Thanks to Lord of Procrastination, I finally write this.

Sunday, November 27th 2016 I have delivered a presentation about “hacking”. I was so honored to be one of the speaker. We had two sessions available, one for introducing DracOS and the other for main course (hacking). As DracOS developer we gave insight about what DracOS is, the development process, and unlimited possibilities we have. But as my session is about the hacking one, I will share mine.

I highlight the theme, Path of Cyber Security, to be my focus. Many people want to “hack” so we will give some tastes of what real world hack is. It’s not your average hacking workshop in Indonesia. It’s filled with many demos and labs. Unfortunately we didn’t record it so you should satisfied with just the slide.

You can see and download the slides freely. You are free to use the slides and spread it as you like. If you have a question you can direct your question to me.

Best regards,

Satria Ady Pradana.

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