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January 1, 2017 | News | No Comments

Hi, Xathrya’s here.

Two years ago I was palling to spin off some sister sites. It’s not abandoned yet, just forgotten for awhile. This time, I will gradually maintained them as well as this main site.

Again, why should I create them and not using this site? At first I don’t have particular reason. Really I just want to create it and organize focused materials on them while maintaining broader things here. But now I add a new goal. To build community with people sharing about mutual interest.

But the main fact: it sounds cool to collect all domain related to yourself as a single name :p

So far, the sister sites are not changes. The main site will acts as umbrella project. These sisters will be part of NEST, which again it sounds cool. Currently I’m searching for contributor and content writers to help me direct the sites. I plan not to palce ads to these sites as well as main site.

OK, so here is the list:

Xathrya’s CF

Xathrya’s CF or Xathrya’s CodeFrontier, focus on programming, algorithm, code, and also competitive programming.

Things you need to know:

  • No, it’s not about Online Judge.
  • It’s also not about code repository.
  • Sometimes it will discuss software engineering, but not much.
  • No I’m not good coder as IOI or ICPC coder do or that kind of stuffs, nor reach their level.

I set this site as a place for me to write article and stuffs related to programming. The place where I can learn and share what I know about programmings. The place where I can have fun with programming.

Xathrya’s GA

Xathrya’s GA

OK, I don’t know what to do yet.

Xathrya’s GQ

Xathrya’s GQ

Again, still don’t know yet.

Xathrya’s TK

Xathrya’s TK.

Yes, again.

Xathrya’s ML

Xathrya’s ML or Xathrya’s Malware Labs focus on malware dissects, analysis, and reverse engineering. A free knowledge sharing about malware.

Also, watch out, I don’t take any responsible.

End of News

For the three sites (.GA, .GQ, and .TK) I will think something useful. When time comes, I will update this article.

Thanks for your support and let me know if you have idea for making this site better. Or maybe you want to suggest me a name?

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