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Last week I was invited to give a talk about reverse engineering basic. Frankly, this is the most excited talk for me. It is not very common theme for a seminar in university level so I think we need more. I had two days for my presentation. The first day is a seminar and the second day is the workshop.

The first day I talk about basic and common things and reverse engineering. To be honest, Reverse Engineering is a broad term so we had to focus our attention to software reverse engineering or reverse code engineering. I emphasize on three things in any Reverse Engineering process: Comprehension, Decomposition, and Reconstruction, as you can see in the slide. Though, I am not an expert in this field.

In the workshop we also had many hands on. It is difficult to teach assembly language in such time (2 hours) so I decided to bring CIL in. The “assembly” in .NET language is relatively easy for newcomers and the participant might have not hurt their head too much.

As always, you are free to read and spread it.

The slides for seminar can be obtained from here.


The slide for workshop is available here.


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