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I Passed eMAPT Certification

June 20, 2017 | Publication | No Comments

Two days ago, I had completed my journey in eMAPT (eLearnSecurity Mobile Application Penetration Tester) certification. The certificate ID is eMAPT-117 which can be verified here. This is my second certification process and I am glad that I pass this.

So what’s the fun in eMAPT?

As eLS said, eMAPT certification is really practical. It uses no multiple-choice style of exam. In the certification process, I was tasked to create a program to exploiting the vulnerabilities in certain application. Worry not. In the MASPT (Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing) course, the course provided for eMAPT certification, we can learn many things from the basic and fundamental concept. I can say that eLS had done a good job elaborate the course materials with lots of labs experience.

Oh, the course itself has two sections. One for Android and another one for iOS.

That’s for it. I won’t spoil the fun more than it is.

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