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Being Member of DracOS Developer Team

July 24, 2016 | News | No Comments

Hi everyone. Have you ever heard DracOS Linux. Let me tell you, it is a cool stuff. You better check this out. It is a Linux distribution focusing on penetration testing. The coolest part of it is, it is built from scratch (see Linux From Scratch (LFS) for reference), unlike other similar theme distribution. The […]

Sunday, June 26th 2016 I have delivered a presentation about Docker. It is an introduction to two things: Docker and DevOps activity. I believe that Docker and DevOps is complementing each other. You can see and download the slides freely. You are free to use the slides and spread it as you like. If you […]

I Passed MTCNA Certification

April 24, 2016 | News | No Comments

Yesterday I got my first certification. It was MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA) with certificate #1604NA936. I was so glad I pass this with score 85%. It is said that if your score is above 75% you can take a license to be a trainer. Though I will consider it later. Next, I plan to […]

Debugging Linux Kernel on QEMU Using GDB

March 21, 2016 | Article | No Comments

Kernel is magic. Well, not really. All my experiences involving programming in userland. Could I step up to enter the land of kernel? Sure, but before that I need to arm myself with knowledge. Especially when dealing with kernel debugging. This article will discuss about kernel debugging. When writing this, I use: Linux Kernel 4.5 […]

Linux is dominating embedded system. It is mainly because of broad support of processor, such as: ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, etc. For some gadget, touch screen is an extra feature, other must have it. Whatever the reason, Linux support it. The fundamental thing in programming a system with touch screen is how to get coordinate of […]

GMP (GNU Multi Precision) Library is one of vital library in GNU infrastructure. It is a popular library which gives flexibility to operate abritrary precision integers, rationals, and floating point numbers. There are also MPFR (Multi Precision Floating-point Reliably) and MPC (Multi Precision Complex) which are extension to to GMP capability for precision in computation. […]

Capturing USB Data with Wireshark

February 6, 2016 | Article | 1 Comment

Everyone loves USB devices. Many devices use USB as communication port. It is popular and steadily improve the standard. So, did you ever feel curious of what, how, and why the devices works? Whether you are a hardware hacker, hobbyist, or anyone interest in peripheral and low level, USB is very challenging. With wireshark, we […]

Mounting Remote Directory Using SSHFS

December 19, 2015 | Article | No Comments

Ever heard network file system (NFS)? Yeah, that’s good. But in this article we won’t discuss NFS, just something similar in term of access remote directory locally. SSHFS is file system over SSH. It is a mean to mount directory / partition on remote server on our local box. The cool thing is it use […]

Before Wt: Installing Prerequisite for Wt

December 12, 2015 | Article | No Comments

In this article we will discuss about installation of various packages and software as requirement for Wt. The goal of this article is for everyone to successfully install prerequisites for building Wt. For this purpose, I use Slackware64 14.0 as development machine. However, you can also use other machine. This article can be broken down […]

Embedded system / device running operating system such as Linux / BSD is not so uncommon today. Most of them fall in category as routers, servers, NAS devices and mostly have communication interface (serial port with RS-232, or even fancy USB). We can communicate with these kind of devices, by redirect our I/O to this […]

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