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IPTables Configuration Tutorial

November 24, 2015 | Article | No Comments

This article will discuss about linux firewall configuration traditionally (using iptables). If you are searching for newer interface such as UFW and FirewallD, this is not the case. What is iptables? IPTables is a user space application program that allows a system administrator to configure tables provided by the Linux Kernel Firewall (implemented as different […]

Understanding ASCII

October 19, 2015 | Article | 4 Comments

What is ASCII? ASCII is American Standard Code for Information Exchange. What does it mean? And why we use it? Well, computer only knows number that we call binary number. Therefore, to instruct machine we have to use proper machine language which is binary coded form. Can you instruct machine, write sequence of 0 and […]

A Little Advice in Making C Header File

October 19, 2015 | Article | No Comments

As we know, C and C++ programming language are supporting modular programming. It means that we can break our long code into several separate modules. For this we need a file named header file that mostly are set of function prototypes. Later the functions will be implemented on another source file. Now, what are things […]

C volatile keywords

October 19, 2015 | Article | No Comments

In C/C++ programming language, volatile keyword is a type qualifier used to declare an object that can be modified in the program by something such as operating system, the hardware, or a concurrently executing thread. In reality, the C’s volatile keyword is poorly understood by many programmers and used not properly. It’s not surprising as […]

AVR Microcontroller Programming in Linux

October 19, 2015 | Article | 2 Comments

AVR or Alf & Vegard RISC, is a single chip microcontroller developed by Atmel. AVR is a modified Harvard architecture 8-bit RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) which is a famous microcontroller. AVR microcontrollers has many categories or we will say family. Family basically a group or category based on similiar characteristic and properties. There are […]

Android Operating System is one of popular operating system for mobile device beside Windows Phone, Apple iOS, etc. The popularity comes from the fact that Android is open source, used by various vendor. You have a freedom to modify and do anything to your Android, though you will void your warranty. This article main focus […]

New World, New NEST!

October 13, 2015 | News | No Comments

Hello, Internet! I’m Xathrya and this is my new NEST. If you ever know my old NEST ( and got here because of that, thank you! This new NEST will serve as continuation of old NEST. I will fix some things and make the content back here. Recreating is not easy but I will do […]

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